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Magazone at Kamppi


Kamppi is a shopping center located in the heart of Helsinki. Kamppi opened in March 2006, and as much as 700 000 customers visit Kamppi every week.


Kamppi is managed by EFM (Suomi) Oy. Two Magazones are currently located on the second floor of Kamppi Shopping Center. If you’re planning to go shopping there, you should definitely try it out!


Magazone at Klaus K Hotel

Magazone at Klaus K

The Klaus K Hotel is a 4 star Helsinki hotel located right in the city centre. Klaus K Hotel is a member of Design Hotels TM, and is inspired by Finland's national Kalevala epic.

The guests at Klaus K Hotel can now use Magazone Stop & Go work space to get some privacy while making phone calls or working on their laptops. Magazone also fulfills its role nicely as a design element in these trendy surroundings. Magazone is currently standing at the bottom floor, close to the entrance.

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