LoOok Industries

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What is Loook Industries Ltd.?


A company established by two young designers. Our objective is to offer the world new creative ways to work and relax secluded from hectic and noisy surroundings, i.e. furniture that offers privacy in public spaces and open plan offices.


What are privacy products?


Privacy products by Loook Industries are products that provide their users privacy, normally in public spaces and open plan offices. Each Loook Industries product family features at least one of these privacy elements.


What is privacy?


Privacy is a scarce resource within modern life and office surroundings. Various researches show how lack of privacy has a big influence on the efficiency at work.

Privacy is a right to be let alone. It means preventing intrusions into one's physical space or solitude


What characterizes Loook Industries' style?


Our objective is to create elegant and innovative products by combining Scandinavian design traditions with our own unique style.


Why is there 3 O´s in Loook Industries?


Because 3 is always better than 2, and it loooks cool.


What is Magazone?


Magazone is a Stop & Go workspace that allows you to perform short tasks on the move. By using Magazone, you can improve your customer service and customer satisfaction, or even increase your customer numbers by offering a special working area as an additional service.


What is a Box Lounger?


The Box Lounger is a cozy box with a soft sound absorbing material on the inside that dampens outside sounds. It is the perfect place for you to make a phone call, work on your laptop or just relax. The Box Lounger can also be used as a room divider and is available in different colors to match your interior.


What is a Box sofa?


The Box Sofa can also be used as a room divider and is available in different colors to match your interior. When two sofas are used face-to-face it creates a “room inside a room”. Use this possibility to maximize the teamwork between your co-workers. Be creative, think inside the box.