LoOok Industries

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Design Philosophy


Thrive well everywhere

We use design to expand the range of possibilities for people who need to get work done, or to take a relaxing break, both in the office and while on the move. From discrete private spaces for individuals, to cozy social spaces for groups, we give modern work places and public spaces the advantages of home. We use a global design language that blends the natural woods, eco-friendly materials, and crafted durability of our Nordic design heritage, with the universal emotional triggers of dynamic shapes and beautiful textures.

Why Loook design works:


Loook furniture is friendly. People are naturally drawn to our shapes, colors, and textures.


Loook furniture is useful. It serves the purpose, from shielding noise and distraction, to encouraging fruitful conversations.


Loook furniture is cozy. It relaxes people, allowing them to be themselves, to focus on tasks, and to open up to others.


Loook furniture sparks imagination. Our designs give people the space to do their best whatever their needs and desires, wherever they find themselves.

Loook changes the way people and furniture get along