LoOok Industries

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Loook furniture helps busy people thrive


These days, we’re constantly followed by the pressures of daily life. Our robust smartphones, pervasive Wi-Fi services, and an ever-more-powerful Internet keep us connected, engaged, and distracted. Whether we’re at home, in the office, or in all the places in between, we’re switched “on”.

But there’s something wrong.

It’s getting harder to simply relax. There’s no place to kick back, to restore one’s energy, and to get a clear perspective. At the same time, we often can’t do all we would like to do, from pursuing our interests to doing our jobs well. Why? Because we are surrounded by too much noise, too many distractions, and not enough comfort.


Making offices and public spaces feel more like home



At home, we can easily find a quiet place. If there’s too much activity in the living room, we can go to the bedroom and close the door. We also have rooms that make conversations with family and friends flow easily. Just being able to sit comfortably and casually seems to help us open up and have more fun. If only we had these benefits wherever we went. So that offices, public spaces, cafés, and co-working spaces all better served all our needs.

This is where Loook Industries Industries comes in. We make furniture that makes any space more useful and appealing. We give people who are looking to relax and chill a welcome break. We also help those who are busy to get more done, either on their own, or by collaborating with others.


The missing ingredients: easy individual privacy and natural group collaboration


Loook makes any location more like home.

Our privacy furniture lets people shut the door on noise and distractions. Away from the din, they can make important phone calls, relax and refresh themselves, or better focus on important tasks. This is space that is only for them, in which they can recharge, refocus, and feel human. Just like moving to another room at home.

Our social furniture gives people cozy spaces in which to gather. Away from the surrounding hubbub, groups are able connect more naturally and interact more freely. This is space that inspires the exchange of ideas, fires the collaborative spirit and makes social interaction more rewarding. Just like getting together with friends at home. Loook feels right at home wherever people find themselves.